Exemption Check  is a tool to help uninsured TurboTax customers find out if they are eligible for an exemption from the healthcare penalty. There are around 30 reasons why someone might be able to receive an exemption, most of these reasons are pretty hard to talk about such as being evicted or being a victim of domestic abuse. I worked closely with a content designer to ensure our content was welcoming without making light of a serious situation. Exemption Check is a survey of questions, divided into three sections; after you go through the survey TurboTax submits a form to the IRS.


The Process

When I joined this project, a previous designer had a rough idea of the flow of the survey. I initially created templates for the different kinds of survey questions while content was finalized. I was then tasked with accommodating specific use cases, for example, what would it look like if a user had health insurance every other month of the year.